Being Extremely Slow
To Respond This Time
Will Cost Us Everything

by Mark R. Elsis

In 1601, an English sea captain named James Lancaster conducted an important experiment. Commanding four ships on a voyage from England to India, he served lemon juice every day to the crew on one of the ships. Most remained healthy. But on the other three ships, 110 of the 278 sailors died of scurvy by the journey's midpoint. The experiment was of immense import to seventeenth-century seafarers, since scurvy claimed more lives than any other single cause, including warfare and accidents.

Surprisingly, however, this vital information had little impact on the British Navy. The Navy did not conduct its own experiment until 1747, nearly 150 years later, and did not stock citrus fruit on its ships until 1795. And British merchant marine followed suit only in 1865, more than two-and-a-half centuries after the first experiment with lemon juice was carried out. Despite the magnitude of the scurvy problem, and despite the availability of a simple solution, people were extremely slow to respond.

Humanity has been extremely slow to respond to stop the sixth mass extinction period which we are blatantly causing by our shortsighted wholesale destruction of the richest place for life on Earth, the Rainforests. We must completely stop this devastation to the web of life before we break the critical built-in barrier set by mother nature of 10% Virgin Rainforests land area with its 50% Rainforests species remaining. Gaia has somehow magically built-in this barrier so that the most species of life can survive in the event of just such a catastrophe.

If humanity stays on its present path of annihilation to the web of life we will go under what we call the 10% / 50% Safeguard Threshold Providence in late 2012. This is our species Omega point. If Homo sapiens break this web of life barrier, all bets will be off for our chance of future survival. We will most likely go extinct within 7 generations because a series of plagues will arise from the checks and balances found throughout nature being decimated, by us.

We must wake up now before we most regrettably pass our own Omega point. Humanity must immediately stop the slaughter to all life on Earth, or we will pay the ultimate price of life, extinction.


"Since the advent of the Nuclear Age,
everything has changed but the way people think,
thus, we drift towards unparalleled catastrophe."



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